“I lost my job, husband and home. But I found the confidence to make a new start at McKemie Place.”

My life was so good. I had a loving husband, a steady job and my house was nearly paid off. But then, my husband died. And my employer passed away. And I had to go in the hospital. By the time I was discharged, the bank had foreclosed on our home.

I started sleeping in my car at night. Alone. I felt so unsafe, but I didn’t know what else to do.

That’s when I found out about McKemie Place. They gave me a place to stay. A safe place to stay. But the best part was how all the people with McKemie Place helped me find my feet again and regain my confidence. It had been so hard, what with everything that had happened. They got me to a place where I can be on my own. And most importantly to me, I’m able to give back by helping homeless women who need help just the way I did.