AL – 501 CoC Public Notice

McKemie Place participates in our community’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS PromisSE).

We do this in an effort to improve service delivery and maximize resources. We collect personal information directly from our clients for reasons that are discussed in our privacy statement. The personal information that we collect is important to run our programs, to improve services for homeless and/or at-risk persons, and to better understand the needs of homeless and/or at-risk persons. We only collect information that we consider to be appropriate.

The collection and use of all personal information is guided by strict standards of confidentiality. A copy of our Privacy Notice describing our privacy policy is available to anyone upon request.

The full context of Version 2 of the AL – 501 CoC Privacy Notice to Clients (updated 12/2016) can be found by clicking on the following link: AL 501 CoC Privacy Notice to Clients.