The Courage to Succeed

Young ladyAt the age of 54, I found myself homeless and almost hopeless. I was about to be released from a correctional facility when I heard about McKemie Place. They arranged for me to go there because I had nowhere else to go. I arrived in August of 2010. I like to say that God will grant you a blessing, but you have to be in a position to receive it. At McKemie Place, I was in a position to reach out and grab that blessing when it came. They overwhelmed me with love, compassion and understanding. Volunteers brought such delicious meals each night. I had the opportunity to shower and read my Bible daily. I found peace, serenity, new friends and a place to call home until I was able to regain my independence. The staff encouraged me and assisted me. They helped me find the necessary medical care and housing I needed. Now I’m housed and enjoying my apartment. And I thank God everyday for the gift of McKemie Place.

senior woman closeup portraitMy life was so good. I had a loving husband, a steady job and my house was nearly paid off. But then, my husband died. And my employer passed away. And I had to go in the hospital. By the time I was discharged, the bank had foreclosed on our home. I started sleeping in my car at night. Alone. I felt so unsafe, but I didn’t know what else to do. That’s when I found out about McKemie Place. They gave me a place to stay. A safe place to stay. But the best part was how all the people with McKemie Place helped me find my feet again and regain my confidence. It had been so hard, what with everything that had happened. They got me to a place where I can be on my own. And most importantly to me, I’m able to give back by helping homeless women who need help just the way I did.

beautiful african young womanIt happened to me on Christmas Eve, of all nights. I was struck by a drunk driver. It hurt so bad, the pain made it so I couldn’t even work. I was living with friends, but I couldn’t do that forever. And before long, I became homeless. I never thought it would happen to me. But then I came to McKemie Place. It was my only hope for getting back on my feet. The staff and volunteers gave me dinner, a bed and the help I needed to get the medical treatments I needed. I found something else at McKemie Place. An inner strength. And that will always be with me. When I went in for surgery, they gave me a new, blue robe. I still have it. That robe is a reminder of how kind these strangers were to me.

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